Used Vector V308 w/Smart LPV 150

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03/2004 Vector 308 built for a jumper 5'6 1/2", waist 30", 34" 150 lbs, Pilot chute w/ hacky handle, Soft reserve ripcord, Skyhook. Black, purple, grey--with 2015 Aerodyne Smart LPV reserve 150 with one pack job 0 rides. Will hold main 107-135, reserve 113-143--or larger with LPV mains/reserves. Container has around 1000 jumps.

Fully inspected with a few updates/repairs have been completed recently by Master Rigger including new kill line, chest strap replacement, UPT service bulletin, and a leg strap repair.

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Used Vector V308 w/Smart LPV 150

Used Vector V308 w/Smart LPV 150


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