Fluid Wings Prime 135

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This one is a nice 135--with 90 only jumps, 750 vectran lines, little bit of blood stain, and a small patch! Price includes shipping to USA addresses. DOM: 08/2015

The Prime is a hybrid construction 9 cell parachute that is easy and fun to fly. The wing is designed to be particularly attractive to the intermediate fun jumper. It can also be flown a by a novice when lightly loaded. 

The Prime has a lower pack volume than any other 9-cell wing in its size range currently on the market and it’s a dream to pack. Zero porosity fabric on: top skin, end cells, stabilizers, and slider. Low porosity fabric for the loaded ribs, and a “low bulk” material for the bottom panels and unloaded ribs (at low bulk option wings).

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Fluid Wings Prime 135

Fluid Wings Prime 135


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