Sigma & Micro Sigma Skydiving Tandem Harness/ Container

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The Sigma & Micro Sigma Skydiving Tandem Harness/ Container represent a giant leap forward in safety, comfort, and convenience. Unlike other tandem systems, where the drogue was simply “added on” to existing container designs, the Sigma Tandem system was designed by United Parachute Technologies “from the ground up” as a drogue deployed tandem rig. It utilizes a drogue attachment system that is integral with the main container closing system. They are one in the same; When you close the main container, you also attach the drogue. There is no 3-Ring to hook up and no pouch to close. When the main container opens, the drogue is released. One cannot happen without the other. Once the main container is closed, the drogue is then stowed exactly like a bottom-of-container hand-deploy pilot chute. Except on this system, snagging the main bridle will not cause an accidental container opening.


The Sigma comes in two different models, Sigma and Micro Sigma.  The Sigma can hold the following parachutes. Main Canopy: Sigma 370, Sigma 395. EZ-384, EZ-425. Reserve Canopy: VR-360.  The Micro Sigma can hold the following parachutes. Main Canopy: Sigma 340. Reserve Canopy: VR360.


Download your Sigma container order form here, and download your Sigma Main canopy order form here.  Please complete and email it to us at:  We will take care of the rest!




A special safety pin prevents premature container openings if release handles are accidentally pulled prior to drogue deployment. This pin is automatically extracted once the drogue is deployed, thus arming the drogue release handles

A diagram on the inside main pin flap makes it easy for anyone to do a pin check while inspecting the new disc drogue release.

Magnetic Riser Covers

Super clean design of the new drogue pouch eliminates the need for Velcro or tuck tabs. Packing is quicker and trouble free.

The drogue bridle is completely covered. But even if you accidentally snag the drogue bridle, it will not open the main container.


Both left & right handles for drogue release

Both drogue release handles are retractable. Pull either one, pull both simultaneously, and let them go. They'll retract right back to their orignal position.


The right drogue release handle is conveniently positioned on the upper right leg strap to simulate a BOC depolyment for the student. Its permanent position eliminates the worry of relocating it on each jump, or the possibility of being accidentally dislodged.

The Automatic Release Lanyard is now incorporated into the RSL. If the RSL side riser breaks, or releases by itself for any reason, this feature will automatically release the other riser, thus preventing a main-reserve entanglement.

The RSL, with its Tru-Lok pin, is designed so that only a hard, straight-up pull will cause a left side cutaway and reserve activation, greatly reducing the chance of accidental functioning..

UPT believes that you should be able to activate your reserve with either hand. So their RSL is designed to also function as a right hand reserve ripcord, in the event that the standard left hand reserve ripcord cannot be reached, because of injury or student interference.


Disc Release: How It Works


Note: The below photos are shown without disc covers however all discs come with a disc cover as seen above.

The drogue is connected at the center of the main container, and held in place by the main container closing system.

This yields a head high droguefall position, and makes out of sequence deployments virtually impossible.

When either ripcord is pulled, the closing loop slips through a series of "D" rings, allowing the container to open and release the drogue disc. The drogue then partially collapses to the size of a normal pilot chute, and deploys the main canopy.

Because the normal loop-through-grommet main container closing system also holds and releases the drogue, this is no need for the addition of a three-ring drogue release. The system is far less complex and therefore much more reliable.


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Sigma & Micro Sigma Skydiving Tandem Harness/ Container

Sigma & Micro Sigma Skydiving Tandem Harness/ Container

 Please contact us today for pricing and discounts at or at +1-815-786-4560.

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