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USPA /UPT Tandem Rating Course Deposit

USPA Tandem/UPT Instructor Rating Courses instructed by Steve Verner at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. (CSC).

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$100.00 .

It’s exciting that you’re taking the next step in your skydiving career by completing the USPA/UPT Tandem Rating Course! Steve Verner has 30 years in the sport, over 18,000 skydives and has been an instructor examiner since 2008. He’s no stranger to having a tandem rig on his back! Steve is also available to travel to your dropzone to host a course! For further information and availability contact Steve: (Please be prepared to add an extra 2 days just in case for weather and other unforeseen situations.)

Chicagoland Skydiving Center, located in Rochelle, Illinois, is a world-class dropzone with state-of-the-art facilities!


1. 500 jumps

2. Have a current or have held a current Coach Rating or Instructor Rating

3. D license

4. Three current years in the sport

5. FAA Class III Medical Certificate or higher


1     All listed on the Tandem Instructor Proficiency Card located in the IRM or downloadable at . There is a lot to complete and must be completed before the course.

2.   Must have the USPA T-I test in the IRM completed and the UPT Sigma Tandem 70+ question test completed. (Found at

Books Needed:

1.     Current IRM and SIM (within 2 years. Can be ordered through

2.     UPT Sigma Manual (Found at


Private Course $900

2 Candidates $550

3+ Candidates $450

Phase 2 jumps $200

Cross/RE-Current Training $250 less than 2 years. Over 2 years $450

*Plus all slots, gear rental and USPA/ UPT rating fee. Your deposit will be deducted from your remaining balance.


PHASE II Training:

$200 plus rental and slots (may require an additional day)

**After completing your 5 initial jumps, there is an additional 5 practice jumps required before you can take students on a probationary period. Only 3 of the Initial Phase jumps are with the examiner/evaluator riding on front. During these 3 jumps we are evaluating certain skills. Because of this, we cannot give you a wide range of “student” problem scenarios which will occur during your career as a T-I. Therefore, we offer additional training for your practice jumps. You will also get much better educated in Tandem Canopy Control, which is much different than a Sport Canopy.   It is not mandatory to make these jumps during the course or with your examiner, however, it is highly recommended. Other instructors that are not Tandem Evaluators, are generally, not equipped to train appropriately in the practice phase. And taking friends that have a B-license offers no training at all, and this is kind of like the blind leading the blind. Space is limited so let us know if you need to reserve your Phase II training as soon as possible

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USPA /UPT Tandem Rating Course Deposit

USPA /UPT Tandem Rating Course Deposit

USPA Tandem/UPT Instructor Rating Courses instructed by Steve Verner at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. (CSC).

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