NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX 2 Demo

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Maximize the good times and minimize the risk with a super playful cross braced wing that cranks the fun up to 11. The JFX 2 is the go-to canopy to start your swooping journey or do-it-all wing with power for days.

The original JFX is already so good at what she does; opens beautifully, is fun to hoon around in the sky, and gives you the choice of a gentle straight in landing with lots of flare power or a full blown hissing swoop.

Version 2.0 hasn't been a radical redesign. The JFX 2 stays true to all the things you love, but now has all the kickass features you know and want: Powerband, mini-ribs and sail loaded ribs.

Think cross braced performance with Crossfire type ease. Cranking turns, raging swoops, gentle touchdowns...the JFX 2 can do it all and do it well. For pilots wanting to expand their skills, and those flying small elliptical 9-cells who couldn't be bothered with a cross braced canopy before now - this is your wing.

You'll want to load her up slightly (think 1.8 to 2.8) and she'll let you throw her around in the air and on the ground.

Her perfect combo of effortless control and go-anywhere performance is sure to put a smile on your face.

*Customer is liable for all loss and damage to the canopy while in there possession. 

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NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX 2 Demo

NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX 2 Demo

Try before you buy!  
The demo is yours for two weekends! 

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