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NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX Demo

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The demo is yours for two weekends! 

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The demo fee covers round trip shipping, insurance, and inspection fees. What we need from you with your order:

 Demo Authorization Form*

*Please fill out and return to us at: sales@rockskymarket.com

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Your shipment will include your canopy, risers, main d-bag and pilot, and return label! 

*Customer is liable for all loss and damage to the canopy while in there possession. 

The JFX is a 21-cell Elliptical ZP cross braced canopy. Unlike the JVX, which has been shaped for wicked swooping power and CP competition, the JFX design is simply the highest end everyday canopy NZ Aerosports could come up with.

Although being fully cross-braced with the powerful landings, long recovery arcs and efficient flight you'd expect, they've tamed the JFX for  easy, everyday, low hassle jumping. Now you can have cross-braced performance with almost Crossfire type ease.

Whether you are  team training, work jumping, doing camera, wingsuit jumping... or just a Jump Hog wanting a bit more welly in your day... this is your sports car!

It's not a canopy for light wing loadings, transitioning to a JVX, or to learn on. The JFX is for the already experienced small HP Elliptical 9-cell jumper who couldn't be bothered with a Cross-brace canopy before now.

You'll want to load it up slightly compared to an elliptical 9-cell, and it will come alive with more zip. And that gorgeously efficient cross-brace flare can become either a blazing swoop or use the power for the easiest, gentlest touchdown.

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NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX Demo

NZ Aerosports Icarus JFX Demo

Try before you buy!  
The demo is yours for two weekends! 

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