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“Ive ordered a few things from rock sky market and everything has been awesome, from the hand written thank you letters to how quickly i receive the items i order“
Christian Graves
2016-02-10 00:13:45 -

“Great customer service from my initial email contact with Amber to placing my order with Josh! Ordered a used suit along with a couple other items. After a couple questions, they gave their opinion that it would fit and also assured me with their return policy. The suit ended up fitting like it was made for me. Thanks again!“
Joey Guidry
2016-02-10 00:14:11 -

“The best customer service around! And, some of the most knowledgeable. Love these guys and gals!“
Mary Anne Leonido
2016-02-10 00:14:35 -

“Thank you Rock Sky Market for your unbeatable pricing, quick delivery times and outstanding customer service. The are many online skydiving stores that could learn a thing or 2 from you guys.Looking forward to shopping through you again soon!P.S. Amber you were awesome and truly a great help“
Brad James Price
2016-02-10 00:15:03 -

“Steve took great care of my order. I had a large order from Hong Kong and the fraud protection was quick and efficient. Everything arrived quickly and with great customer service all the way through delivery, to even checking in on how the products were working out for me. I will order again!“
Jesse James Bradford
2016-02-10 04:40:57 -

“The most competitive prices for Sky Diving equipment out there. Thank you for all the help.“
Blake Eggenberg
2016-02-10 04:41:31 -

“Amazing customer service! We plugged in the wrong address and needed to switch it ASAP so left a vmail after hours. I was contacted 5 min later by Steve who was super happy and eager to help solve our issue. He readjust the shipping address and we were all set! Amazing!! Thank you Steve!!“
Laura Torres
2016-02-10 04:42:00 -

“I just bought my first rig from these guys and all the process was more than a pleasure! Steve took great care of me and adviced me from the begining ! 5stars customer service!“
Kri Kri
2016-02-10 04:42:37 -

“Ordered my new helemt today and couldn't have been more pleased with the customer service provided. Thank you Steve for all your help. Treating people like friends vs a number will get our business each time. Look forward to future orders through you guys. Blue skies“
Amanda Kemmer
2016-02-10 04:43:11 -

“The customer service is the best in the market and they are very fast shipping product. You guys rock thank u for all your hard work!“
Jennifer Galipeault
2016-02-10 04:43:39 -