About Us

Thruogh Biblical Principals, our mission is to give every guest a legendary experience and to arm them with knowledge in order to make great choices.

Since Rock Sky Market first opened in February 2011, Rock Sky has steadily grown into the fully stocked gear store and rigging loft it is today.  In March 2014, we expanded to the impressive facilities of Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, IL.  And in the spring of 2018, we opened a 2nd gear store/rigging loft located at the world famous Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL.  Since COVID, we have scaled back our store fronts and rigging lofts.  However, the same great reputation that we have established in our community is carried forward into our latest business model.

The Rock Loft is our rigging loft , serving the USA. We have a Master Rigger on the team.. We can handle not only your reserve repack, but most repair work on your parachutes, containers or even your jumpsuits and other miscellaneous items.


Please read on to meet our amazing team!

Our Team:

Steve Verner-Rock Sky Market Owner                                                     

Over 18,800 skydives                               

34 years in the sport                                  

AFF-I/E AFF-I                                                  


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