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The CSC showroom floor~

We can meet all of your skydiving gear needs. (and wants!)

Big shout out to Buzz from Javier Ortiz Photography for the amazing pics!

Rock Sky Market first opened in February 2011.  We opened a very small gear store to go with a brand new Cessna DZ, started by some friends of ours.  They were very small beginnings with some T-shirts, a few pairs of gloves and some rubber bands, but this idea of a gear store, along with the fun jumpers from the area immediately started growing on us, and it didn’t take long to realize that we loved what we were doing.  We discovered that providing people with gear and gear advice- has forged an even deeper connection to the skydiving community, making it extremely fulfilling and rewarding.


Since those small beginnings in 2011, Rock Sky Market has steadily expanded to a fully stocked gear store offering full-rig packages and just about anything else a skydiver could want, on top of a full service rigging loft.  In March 2014, we opened for business at the impressive facilities of Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, IL.  And in the spring of 2018, we opened a 2nd store located at the world famous Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL.

The Rock Loft is our rigging loft serving both locations, with Master Riggers on staff. We can handle not only your reserve repack, but most repair work on your parachutes, containers or even your jumpsuits and other miscellaneous items.


Please read on to meet our amazing team!

Our Team:

Steve Verner-Rock Sky Market Co-Founder                                                      

Over 18,000 skydives                               

28 years in the sport                                  

AFF-I/E AFF-I                                                  



Coach examiner                                                                


 Jenny verner-Rock Sky Market Co-Founder 

Over 11,000 skydives            

 22 years in the sport     

Master Rigger        



Amber Bartlett-Website Administrator & Sales Manager

Over 150 skydives

14 years in the sport

Sales and customer service

7 years with RSM


Bruce Reumann-Shipping/Inventory Specialist

Margie Reumann-Shipping/Inventory Specialist

Charles Lane-Senior Rigger

21 Years in the sport

8500+ Skydives

Tandem Instructor


USPA Gold Medalist

Rob Wiley-Senior Rigger

22 years in the sport

1100+ Skydives

Kendalyn Sanford-Shipping/Inventory Specialist

1 Skydive with more to come!

Paige Peska-Sales/Shipping Specialist