Vortex Skydiving Container from Parachute Systems. Cash discounts available!!

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The Vortex sports some unique design features, making it the most comfortable rig to jump. So comfortable the you can hardly feel it in free fall.The back pad yoke is contoured to the shape of your body for extra comfort. The cut out in the back pad makes the harness fit snuggly.The splayed leg straps add extra comfort when under canopy.


  • The harness is custom made to fit your size and measurements.
  • The 3 stow mouth lock design on the main deployment bag and the balance of the line stows situated inboard from the edge of the bag helps prevent bag spin kill line pilot chute is a standard feature.
  • Dive loops and the spiral flex housings in the rear of the risers also standard.
  • The rises are Velcro free.
  • Superior pin protection flaps.
  • Option of Hacky / Freefly pff or pull.
  • Snag free closure loop holders.
  • Integrated bridle cover.
  • Strong External Spring Pilot chute for instant reserve extraction.
  • True molar bag.
  • Superior pin protection flap.
  • Stainless steel #0 long shank grommets.
  • Cypress ready.
  • 4 flap reserve closure.
  • Integrated housing holders above cut away and reserve handle.
  • Wrap around harness constructions.
  • Stainless Steel or nickel plated hardware.
  • Option of fully articulated harness, hip ring harness or standard harness.
  • Secure riser covers.
  • Hard release housings.
  • Option of soft reserve handle.
  • *Black hardware and specialty fabrics options are now available!

You'll need to view the Vortex Measuring Guide on how to take your measurements:

**Upon delivery, an International Customs fee may be charged.

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Vortex Skydiving Container from Parachute Systems. Cash discounts available!!

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