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Student Wings

The Student Wings skydiving rig offers several main deployment options.

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We will notify you of the delivery date, or feel free to contact us for current production times.

$1,745.00 .

Wings offers specials from time to time and we honor all Wings specials!

All Wings harness and container systems come standard with the followings options:
Reserve Pilot chute * Reserve Freebag and Bridle * Reserve Pilot Chute Cap * Main Risers
Main Toggles * Main D-bag * Standard Main Pilot Chute/Bridle * Main Cut Away Handle
Reserve Ripcord Assembly * Square Reserve Toggles * Cypres/Vigil ready.


On the Student Wings, the Adjustable Main Lift Web and/or Adjustable Laterals are included in the base price, and the RSL is also standard. There is no extra charge for custom colors on a Student Wings, except for midflap stripes and midflap pinstripes. ($25.00/part #5)

Common Student Wings options:
Mini Ring Type 8 Risers or Large Ring Type 8 Risers • Thread-thrus or B-12 leg strap hardware • AAD Setup options: FXC Reserve, Cypres window on #3 flap, or Cypres window on back pad

Several main deployment options:
Hand Deploy: BOC (Cordura or Spandex pouch) with Plastic Handle or Hackey Handle. ROL (Standard Harness ONLY)

Ripcord: (Spring Loaded PC): BOC (plastic handle), Hip (plastic handle), or Chest (#8 - metal handle)

Static Line: Direct Bag or Pilot Chute Assist • AFF Left Side Main Deployment: Throw out PC or Ripcord


To get a Wings container faster, choose one from the Wings stock list.  Simply email us the serial number of the Wings container you want and we'll get it for you.

To custom design your own Wings container, click here.


Download your Student Wings order form here.  Please complete it and email it to us at:  We will take care of the rest!


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Student Wings

Student Wings

The Student Wings skydiving rig offers several main deployment options.

Wings Student Order Form 2104

Wings Student Order Form 2104

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