Tongue Switch

 Tongue Switches by Conceptus

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Conceptus made the first commercially available tongue-operated switch for skydiving photography.


The Tongue Switch was designed from the beginning to address the special needs of freefall photographers. It is unique in that it requires no movement of the teeth or jaw to operate, can't slip accidentally from the mouth, does not require interruption of breathing like a blow switch, and can be bitten hard without damage or impairment of functioning. 

The Tongue Switch is comprised of a 1/2 inch pressure-sensitive switch mechanism, a 1 inch flattened and bite-resistant stem, a 36 inch coaxial wire, and a 2.5mm plug with a 90 degree elbow bend.

**Tongue Switch Pro 3-Pin: compatible with many of the Canon series of digital cameras. It is still the same Tongue switch on the actuating end with an overall length of 28-30 inches. This is about five inches shorter than the standard or bayonet -connect Conceptus switches. This switch will be offered only in the "stereo" wiring configuration.

Below is a list of the Canon Models the new switches are designed to work with:

EOS 1D, 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 60D

1D Mark II, D2000, 1V, 1VHS, EOS 3

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Tongue Switch

Tongue Switch

 Tongue Switches by Conceptus

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