Optima II

by Larsen and Brusgaard

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The OPTIMA II™ is an advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection.  OPTIMA II™ has an added set of warning beeps that can be set for a specific altitude during normal and high speed landing approaches.  An optional LED indicator light, made by Hypoxic, can be added to this device for additional safety.  If you want the LED indicator light, the Optima must be purchased with an LED connection port.  Specify your options above.


  • Durable rubberized coating
  • LCD for easy- and intuitive operation
  • 3 selectable warning altitudes
  • 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones
  • 3rd warning: High pitched siren
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings
  • Change warning alarm volume
  • Individual freefall & canopy flight volume control settings
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • SWOOP warnings
  • Easy and quick to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Feet/Meter selection
  • Altitude selection interval: 10 Ft.
  • Displays present altitude during climb
  • Built-in clock
  • On/off mode
  • Built-in mounting holes; fits any helmet, inside or outside
  • Actual Dimensions: 2 3/16” x 1 5/8” x 3/8” [56 x 41 x 11 mm]
  • Includes two CR-2325, 3 Volt batteries


For Optima instructions, click here.

For Optima "road map", click here.


The difference between the Quattro and the Optima II:


Both the Quattro and the Optima have alarms on the way to altitude. The Quattro has a 4th freefall alarm which can be set very high; Between this alarm and the next warning alarm the unit sounds a series of beeps (to assist the jumper in tracking for a long time, for example). The Quattro has three alarm warning altitudes for canopy descent, but no canopy guide tones- The Optima has, besides the three warning altitudes under canopy, canopy guide tones for the final approach/swoop.


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Optima II

Optima II

by Larsen and Brusgaard

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