We have a vast selection of eye wear to keep you looking hot while enjoying life in the extreme - whether you are into skydiving, motorcycling, or other extreme sports. Check our goggles, sunglasses and accessories!

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  • Liquid Sunglasses

    Liquid Sunglasses are hingeless, aluminum sunglasses made for skydivers, extreme support enthusiasts and military personnel. Precision built in 100% in the USA. Eyewear orders over $40 qualify for free shipping in the USA.

  • Sorz and Curv's...

    Curv Sunglasses and Sorz Goggles are style and comfort in the air and on the ground. Sorz goggles--a trusted standard in skydiving goggles are  super comfortable and ultra reliable when it comes to blocking the wind and protecting your eyes in freefall.

  • Kroop's Goggles

    Kroops's Eye-wear for skydiving and other air-sports.

  • Gatorz Sunglasses

    With Gatorz Sunglasses there is never a compromise of quality, comfort, or design. Aluminum sunglasses for skydiving and extreme sports. Rock Sky Market offers free shipping in USA on all Gatorz Sunglasses. Made in the USA.


  • Akando Goggles

    Akando provides high quality  goggles for skydiving and accessories for skydiving.

  • The Delta is our newest style to join the Gatorz collection.  Complete with the quality, durability and adjust ability you’re used to, and a style fit for weekend adventures.

    $190.00 Pre-Orders being taken now. Expected to begin shipping April 2020.
    Pre-Orders being taken now. Expected to begin shipping April 2020.